Being aware of the increase in consumption of fish and bluefin tuna worldwide and overall overfishing in recent years, Orca Seafood S.L. puts a great effort into controlling the sustainable fishing in its collaborating fisheries and farms.

OSF continuously strives to improve its feeding and breeding practices to make more efficient use of the food given to fish and to further reduce any environmental impact.

We care to maintain high standards, because in this way we guarantee the future of our company and a future for the next generations by providing a high quality product to the market.

our fisheries use fishing techniques that are respectful of marine ecosystems


OSF bluefin tuna originates from the Mediterranean and fishing is strictly controlled by ICCAT, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas. The fish captured by purse seine vessels are transferred to approved farms where fish are continually fed to improve quality and increase fish size. Once the fattening process is completed and after a thorough ICCAT check, the fish is transferred to the authorised ports, keeping the traceability of each piece, and commercialized.


Catch control

The method used is “Purse-Seine Fishing” that allows them to direct the capture to a certain species and releases those that have not reached the adult stage, that do not have the appropriate size and that do not reach the weight of 30kg. The OSF bluefin tuna fishery respects the environmental sustainability which has been assessed on the basis of the ICCAT management plan for bluefin tuna in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea at all stages of our activity. The phases of extractive fishing, fish transport and aquaculture concession, fattening, extraction and marketing have been audited.