Our main product OSF Bluefin Tuna is the best quality in the Japanese market. In addition to this magnificent and tasty product we have other types of fish.

akami - toro-saku-chutoro

All pieces of bluefin tuna have a culinary value

Belly fillet

TORO – is the juiciest part of tuna because of its high content of infiltrated unsaturated fats (omega 3). The epitome of sushi and sashimi.


AKAMI –  the lean part of the tuna loin with very red meat  and intense flavor. It provides chefs with endless culinary possibilities.

Top loin

The final loin cut which amazes the gastronomic world for its versatility in cooking.


CHEEK – the masseter part of the tuna’s face. It is the fibrous part of the tuna face with a lot of flavor and texture.


HEART – a specific flavor that has its particular audience.


CALLUSES – tuna gut with a rough texture used in cooking for quality winter dishes.


EYE – the muscular part of the eye is used, it has a gelatinous texture with high protein content.


OSOBUCO – part of hollow bone, it has a gelatinous and soft texture with high collagen content.


SPINEsynovial fluid is extracted from the bone of the spine, it has a soft taste and peculiar texture.