Bluefin Tuna

OSF bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) is mainly raised on Mediterranean farms off the coast of Malta. The fingerlings are raised in our hatchery in Qajjenza Bay for a few months. Then, they are transferred to the offshore rearing site at Munxar Reef.

During the seasons when it is allowed to be caught, we also have wild Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus Thynnus).

Our bluefin tuna is distributed and marketed worldwide, both fresh and frozen at -60ºC, making tuna available all year round.

Tuna slaughter process - ikejime

Our professional divers enter the water and use a Japanese technique called Ikejime.

This sacrificial technique avoids the stress at the time of its slaughter and also ensures the conservation of the gastronomic quality that characterizes the Bluefin tuna.

Why OSF Bluefin Tuna?


Premium quality

The OSF Bluefin Tuna is of the highest quality that meets the wishes and demands of chefs specialized in the product in the most prestigious restaurants worldwide.


Superior Taste

OSF Bluefin Tuna has an incomparable and unmistakable taste, tender when eaten raw and silky-textured when cooked. A unique taste experience. Have a try!


Tuna all year round

OSF bluefin tuna is available all year round thanks to the rapid direct freezing on board at -60ºC, without losing any of its properties. Always available!


Sustainably sourced

We use sustainable, ethical and ICCAT certified farming practices to make sure that future generations can enjoy the superior quality and flavor of bluefin tuna as well.

Deep-freezing at -60ºC

Thanks to the novel technique of deep-freezing at -60ºC on board directly after its catch, the OSF Bluefin Tuna maintains all its properties after a correct thawing process, as if it was freshly caught .

Frozen bluefin tuna on boat

Processing plant on board

Frozen bluefin tuna loins

Placement onto trays

Storage in deep-freezing chambers at -60 ºC

ICCAT Certified Bluefin Tuna

We want to guarantee the origin of our OSF bluefin tuna, for this reason our farms have the ICCAT certificate that inspects and audits all catches and their source according to the corresponding legal requirements.

Fresh Bluefin Tuna


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